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Details And Procedure

Thank you for considering to join us.

A nation that destroys is soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. 
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Joining Green Service Finder

Becoming a Member of Green Service Finder is an excellent way to spread awareness about your eco-friendly efforts in your business. You’ll benefit by receiving more website visitors, more foot-traffic and you’ll have the ability to network with other businesses that offer enviro-friendly products and services on GSF.

And perhaps best of all, you’ll receive the important recognition that your business deserves for your noble endeavors. Putting environmental factors at center of your organization is challenging. It takes work and commitment. Therefore, getting recognition is well deserved. 

When you join Green Service Finder, you’re also supporting our cause. We’re working hard to build an eco-friendly network of organizations and businesses. We’re trying to make it easier to connect customers and clients with local businesses and organizations that are committed to the health of the planet.

Thank you for considering Green Service Finder.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team:

(617) 294-9301


Membership Procedure

Submit Your Information & Membership Fee

All new Members must be manually approved by our evaluation team. You must submit your organization’s information first. Upon receipt of your information, we will send you an electronic invoice for the $750 Membership fee.

We must receive the membership fee prior to starting the evaluation process.

Evaluation & Review

During the evaluation process, our team will review the information that you submitted. It’s important that you’ve implemented clearly defined proactive measures toward the benefit of the environment.

Examples may be: Waste reduction, utilizing biodegradable packaging, installing solar panels, selling organic products, redistributing unconsumed food, offering trainings or courses on environmental topics, sourcing produce locally, and many other possibilities.

We may request more information from you via email or telephone if we need further clarification about your green strategy.

Final Approval

After we’ve reviewed everything and gathered all of the information the we’ll need, we’ll prepare your new page on Green Service Finder. Please permit up to 2 weeks for the evaluation process.

Rejections only happen on a very limited basis. Most organizations that submit their information to GSF are well informed of environment-friendly business practices and are already properly implementing eco-friendly measures.

Green Service Finder is an online resource for businesses and organizations to receive recognition for their devotion and commitment to promoting environmentally sustainable business practices. We aim to promote the wellbeing and overall care for the environment. While we do our best to qualify membership and vet potential members, we cannot make guarantees about the behavior of each individual organization. 

If you find that an organization listed on Green Service Finder is violating appropriate treatment towards the environment, please Contact Us.

We Support: Environmental Protection Agency | United Nations Environment Programme | World Wildlife Fund